Vinyl Liner Pools

What is a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Powers Landscape and Pools’ vinyl liner swimming pools are specially engineered to deliver maximum quality at minimum cost. Constructed using innovative, long-lasting materials, our vinyl pools harness cutting-edge technology to withstand various elements including sunlight, water, and chemicals. This means you can spend less time cleaning your pool— and more time enjoying it.

Pros of Vinyl Pools

  • Affordable materials
  • Quick installation
  • Require less chemicals and maintenance

Wall Types

Our vinyl pools come with two options for wall-types:

Steel Wall

Our steel wall panels are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with unparalleled strength. Sturdy, heavy-gauge galvanized steel braces around the entire pool provide a solid support for pool walls.

Polymer Wall

At Power’s, our polymer wall system is made from totally non-corrosive materials. This contributes to longer liner life due to reduced wall abrasion. Polymer pools are also better suited for increasing popular salt systems, which can accelerate corrosion.


We offer an extensive array of vinyl pool patterns to change the shade of the water and influence the overall look and feel of your pool.

Legends / Deep Blue Fusion

Bali / Blue Granite

Barolo / Prism

Disco Pearl

Panama / Royal Prism

Butterfly Effect Pearl

And more




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