Fiberglass Pools

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are in-mold, handcrafted pools that arrive at your home ready to be installed in your yard. The fiberglass is created from millions of interwoven glass threads covered with polyester resin. It’s an incredibly sturdy material that’s ideal for an in-ground pool. In comparison, a concrete pool requires a steel or wooden framework that needs to be covered by a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Fiberglass is the material of choice for bathtubs, sinks, hot tubs, and multi-million-dollar yachts, not to mention, airplanes, helicopters, exotic automobiles, and many other high-performance products. As such, fiberglass is the best choice for the material for your inground swimming pool.

Pros of Fiberglass Pools

  • Product is ready-made, delivered and quick to install on most occasions
  • Require less chemicals and maintenance
  • Longer-lasting vibrancy and color


You can see a Latham pool right in your own backyard with the Latham Pool Visualizer App. The app, available for iOS, lets you use augmented reality with your phone’s camera to virtually build a fiberglass pool on any surface, including your own property. It features our most popular models and colors. Download the app and see your dream backyard come to life.

Shapes & Sizes

At Powers Landscape and Pools we offer a variety of different shaped pools that will fit any style of design and backyard size. Due to the construction of our pools, you will have years of low maintenance and trouble-free ownership. Each pool features extraordinary structural integrity, durability and corrosion resistance. All of our products are built under strict quality controls and supervision with processes that have perfected over thousands of pools manufactured.

The Fantasy

The Dream Spa - Round

The Freedom with Splash Pad

The Dream Spa - Square

The Inspiration

The Illusion

The Freedom

The Marvelous

The Mercury Tanning Ledge

The Celebration

The Vision

The Pearl Tanning Ledge

And More


Our fiberglass pools come in many different colors; making it easy to find one that fits the style and feel of your backyard and home. When you choose the color for your fiberglass pool, consider your current outdoor selections or where you are trying to take your backyard. Muted color palettes will benefit from either a vibrant or more sedate pool color combination. On the other hand, a bright, eye-catching pool can easily hold its own in a more colorful backyard environment. With our wide variety of pool colors and finishes, we are confident that you will find one to perfectly complement your backyard color scheme.

Coral Blue

Volcanic Black

Reef Blue

Storm Grey

Ice Silver

Beach Sand

And More




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